Wednesday, July 3, 2019

For All Those Survivors Out There

When I first created this arrangement of images, I thought, "Gee, looks like someone is laughing at the desert." Yes. A survivor can laugh at the hardships they have gone through. It may take years, but it is definitely something to look back at, only to say, 

"I made it!"
So for all our surviving friends, I want to say, you are an amazing person. You are strong, resilient and are a Survivor!

I used my Marble Magic Paper Pack to create the background layer. It's a JPG.

I then layered the cactus, hat and skull from the Southwest Garden stamp set. They are all png's so they can be resized and layered, since they have no background. The set comes with color and black and white images, so by using the color ones, my card comes together quickly.

Here is the tutorial...enjoy!

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  1. This is such an awesome piece of art Bev! And I agree with your opening statement ... hubby is a 10 year cancer survivor and I thank God every day for still having him in my life to love & laugh with. Happy Day!

  2. It's an incredible card, Bev!


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