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I am an artist and crafter who has always had an interest in color and design, especially in nature. Isn't nature fascinating? When you look at it through your artistic eye, you will be amazed at how we can copy what we see, with very satisfying results.

Whenever I am doing art, be it drawing with alcohol marker and pencil, collage,or painting with watercolor or pastels, using color makes me happy. I do find it's more fun when done with some company. That's the reason I teach art and crafting classes and attend our local Art Club. I also attend a Coloring Girls group where I live.

I have been graciously honored with several awards for my work, both online and at shows in New York, Tennessee and Florida.

Stamping has been something I have done since the 1980's. The first time I saw a stamped image I was amazed! Now I design my own stamps and collage papers. You can find them in my Etsy shop called, TheArtsystamperShop.

Thanks again for stopping by...hope you like what you see. Please keep in touch! You can follow me by email, Instagram, and catch my videos on YouTube at Artsystamper.

Enjoy your creative journey!
Beverly Cole

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  1. Hi Bev...Are Williamsburg Memories, Bunny Harvest, and Sunny Sunflower on Etsy??? They don't show up for me...


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